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March 02 2018

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DM Updates: March 21-23rd

1. Kendall K’s first single “Wear ‘Em Out” will be available for pre-order on iTunes on April 7th (the day the episode of her music career will air) and will be released on April 21st! The music video should also be released soon. Mackenzie will be making an appearance in the video, while Kalani, Ryeigh, Addy and Payton were back up dancers and Maddie was the assistant choreographer. Nia and JoJo were not involved and weren’t on set.

2. Nia and JoJo attended the Melbourne Fashion Festival! They played with the green screen and then went out to dinner. They are still part of the team, they aren’t with the girls because they aren’t doing the meet and greets. JoJo and Nia also performed together a few days ago, click here to watch the video of their performance to “Star In Your Own Life”.

3. The whole cast of Dance Moms is on their way back to the states! Abby and the girls have officially wrapped up their Australian tour. They moms and girls will go to LA for 10 weeks where they will film around 10 episodes of DM and attend the KCA’s! If you haven’t voted yet, vote here for DM to win the favourite reality show category.

4. Abby and the girls in one of their showcases! The winners of Abby’s Ultimate Australian Dancers are Max (@max.simmons) for the juniors, Amelia (@ameliatownsend_) for the teens and Teagan (@teagan_rybka) for the seniors (yes, from the Rybka Twins in AGT!). Abby is supposed to bring one of them back to the states with her to compete with the girls.

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